Sunday, October 01, 2006

Daydreaming in the Garden Center

Okay, I am a big sucker for wanting to just go to Home Depot or Lowes and just veg in the garden center. It's better if I'm alone or just have a non-talking kid. That would be Ivy. So today, Charles dropped me off in the garden center and Ivy and I just stared at all the beautiful flowers, trees, and waterfalls. All I can do is just sit there imagine what I'd love to do with my garden (along with sneezing and sniffing since Ivy and I are sick). I was there alone for about 20 minutes when I look over and saw a rushing kid caravan coming toward me. The noise level was considerably louder. But then I recognized Charles and saw my kids so I knew day dreaming time was over. I smiled at them and realized how much I had missed them all in the 20 minutes they were gone. I gave them all hugs as if I had just got back from a vacation (which I did in a way) and then we went to go and look at all the other things in the store. Hey, if visiting a garden center is all you can get to just get some quiet and daydreaming in, be happy you got something. It's better than staying home and thinking about going. :D Even if all you do is day dream in the garden center. :)
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