Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #11

Thirteen Things I miss or don't miss about my teens

1. I miss looking as good as I did back then! LOL! I miss wearing a size 3 (now I wear 7). I miss my thin face. I miss being able to stay up all night without serious consequences! I miss my dimples being deeper. I just miss that "young" look.

2. I don't miss having everyone ask me if I was annorexic! I so wasn't! I just had an amazing appetite and could eat whatever I wanted without gaining a single pound. People used to pick on me for having no butt!

3. I miss sleeping in on the weekends as late as I wanted. (Now I wake up to hungry babies and chores!)

4. I don't miss having someone tell me what I could and couldn't do. When I could go out and who I could go with. :P

5. I miss having a busy schedule that included eating out wherever, quiet dinner times in the restaurants, shopping for myself or for my friends.

6. I don't miss the times that I ate dinner alone with no company but my own parakeet.

7. I miss going to church and talking to all my friends as long as I wanted without having a little one tugging on my skirts crying because they are tired.

8. I don't miss all the teenage bicker that went back and forth. Then again, I don't think it ever really ends with women! LOL!

9. I miss those dating times where Charles and I could just drive alone whenever talking about life, about dreams, eat at the Hyatt, go shopping together without having the find every potty available in the mall for a little one. Hee, hee....

10. I don't miss having to say goodbye to Charles and having to anxiously wait till we meet again.

11. I miss baking to my hearts content, making cookies and more cookies. I don't really like to cook even though I have to cook all the time now. I'd much rather bake just for the fun of it.

12. I don't miss having no one to appreciate my cookies. No little kid to run up and get excited because of fresh cookies and milk. Before, I just baked them and put them away. :(

13. More than anything, I miss that uninterrupted time I had with my mom and dad because I lived in their house. Waking up to my dad reading his bible in a chair and my mom welcoming me with bacon and eggs.

When you look back on your life, you see things you miss and wish you could go back and appreciate more. You see your mistakes and things you could've done better. More importantly, you have today. Stop and smell the roses, each day is such a gift and you're never guaranteed tomorrow. Kids only stay little for a short time. Cherish each other! :) Happy Thursday Thirteen!

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