Tuesday, October 10, 2006


(One picture is my co-worker and volunteer. I tried to get all ten babies in it but they were too scattered. The other picture is Ivy going down for a nap but her friends wanted to chat instead!)!

Okay, so on Tuesdays, I work at Scottsdale Bible watching the 10-15 month olds. It can be a pretty crazy class at times because they are just at "that stage". I don't know what else to call it. The biting-clingy-drooling-barely walking-falling down-teething-poopy-easy to choke stage. There. That's how I guess you could describe it. Thankfully, my class is also with Ivy so I can be with her. There are about 10-15 babies and 2 workers and 1 volunteer. Today I felt like it was attack of the babies! At any given time you would see me with a baby clinging to each leg, one in my arms, and another needing to be rescued. It was so funny. At one point, the director came in and heard the babies all crying (it was nap time). She asked us if we were okay and had to speak loud to be heard. I looked at my co-worker and yelled over the noise, "What crying? Do you hear any crying?" She looked at me funny. Then I said to the director, "Nope, we're fine!" Then my co-worker understood so she laughed. I told her, hey, these moms need a break. We don't need to call them just because they are fussy. Let them have their break. Later, I was happy to hear as a mom was telling me how grateful she was for our class because we are the only ones that don't call her down every time. Anyhow, it's a very cute class. I am thankful for my own church's strict rules in the nursery. I found out I'm the only person that insists that every baby leaves with a clean diaper and is fed. I also don't think it's okay to have green snot because others could get sick. I follow the same clean up procedures and they think I'm strict about it but I'm sure it's just better for everyone around. : ) Thanks Machelle (my own church nursery director) for your strict nursery procedures. Even though I used to get frustrated by them, I see the reasons why and I appreciate them. It's makes me look like Wonder woman even though at this moment you guys are all scoffing and laughing. I know! I'm laughing too! :) On Thursdays, I tell my homeschooled kids that they have Wonder Moms. What they don't know is I call them that because I "wonder" how their moms do it. I have no desire to homeschool but I admire them from a distance! They ask me what I am, I say Super Mom. I try "Super" hard so I'm Supermom. Hee, hee... just a play with words.
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