Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #12

Thirteen Things I Am Longing to Do!

1. I'd love to get my Arbonne business off the ground. I just love selling and this will give me a side thing to do. **Note: not that I don't have enough to do already!**

2. I have always wanted to learn how to garden! I hate living in an apartment. They want everything bland here. Bland landscaping. Bland patios. Want something to put color in my world. (Besides crayon marks on the wall).

3. I really want to take the time to get more pedicures. It's not just getting my toes done. It's the whole, putting your legs in a hot bubbly bath, getting them massaged, then getting your feet beautified. If that's possible.

4. I've always wanted to volunteer again in a nursing home. I'm so busy though that on my free time. I'm actually just happy to be able to take a shower.

5. My husband and I always talk about skiing in Flagstaff. We have this vacation ownership package so we could go to Hawaii right now if we wanted but we just don't have the time plan something like that. Getting in our house just seems sooo much more important right now!

6. I wish I could pick up my scrapbooking! My best friend bought me one but the truth is that I take so many pictures! I need a library to hold my collection!

7. I wish to actually have my legs lasered. You know.... so I never have to shave again. Ahhh....! Just imagine.

8. I can't wait to buy a floor cleaning Robot. Yes, there is one. It's $400 and when I move in my house, that's one of my investments. Just just go to sleep, and this little robot cleans your floor quietly while you sleep. (I'm getting the one that sweeps and mops).

9. I've always wanted to get into photography. One time I bought this really nice and expensive camera, took some amazing pictures, and then it got stolen. Along with my fast sports car. And baby pictures of my first born. I was not too happy about that.

10. I would love to lose about 8 pounds!!! Then I would be my pre-baby weight and feel better about myself. One of my favorite stores is Guess and they cater to little people. I barely fit their range. I'm like, "Man, what kind of people fit these clothes!!! Annorexics??! Or just 9 year olds?"

11. I would love to take Culinary cooking classes! That was always my dream but then I got married and got a better dream. But I'll take the lower dream too. I want to make some fancy food.

12. I would love to work at a retail store someday just part time for the heck of it. Man, to think I used to do that to make a living. I made so little money, but now, compared to what I do now, that job was a breeeeeze.

13. I would love to renew my wedding vows on my tenth anniversary and have a second honeymoon in Hawaii. When we got married, we planned our wedding in five days, so we had to have our honeymoon within the same town. That came second fiddle because we just wanted to get married. I'm grateful we did but I look forward to celebrating big on our tenth!

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