Friday, October 20, 2006

Spa Squad

(Please excuse my retarded bangs in the picture. I had just taken my headband of from a cleansing and my bangs never recovered. Leslea would understand this.) I had fun tonight with the "Spa Squad" for Arbonne. It was fun! PJ, I missed you! We had lots of yummy food (I was the biggest partaker of course) and we had a fun make-up session (as girls must do). Of course, when I go home I take most of the make-up off because I like a more natural look. I asked her to do the evening look though and that's why I have more on. You know.... when you're in a dark restaurant, the evening make-up looks nice because you can actually see it. Anyhow, In the end of course I went home with the Almond body scrub and bath wash so that'll be nice! The guys are still here from our game night. Wait, hold on... let me take a picture. It's almost 11pm but they will be here till 1am! We love game night. Hold on.. let me get a pic. There you go. Some guys couldn't make it so it's just the main trio tonight. So after the spa party, I headed back home and the guys were all still playing, the house was still immaculant, and the kids were all in bed. All I can say about Charles is "Amazing"!
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