Sunday, October 22, 2006

Saturday Night BBQ

Saturday night at church we had a BBQ outside with concerts and food. It was beautiful weather so the night was perfect. It's easier to relax when your hair isn't sticking to your face from sweat! I know that Lerin and Eric had a lot to do with it and they did such an awesome job organizing it all. :) Amazing! That would be so much work. Anyhow, they had cotton candy, balloons for the kids, BBQ'd hot dogs, dessert, drinks, and live music. It was a great night and one soul was saved. All that work was completely worth it, everyone coming to support it, for one soul to be saved. Angels rejoice when even one soul is saved.
This is Leslea and Lerin, the duo. :) Anyhow, it was hard to sneak past them to grab more food since at first it was limited. I got so incredibly full, got to hear my husband's band play among others, and loaded up on talk with my friends. It was a good night!
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