Sunday, October 01, 2006

I Wanna Love You Forever

This song is for my husband Charles. Charles knows that Jessica Simpson is my absolute favorite singer. (She has a gorgeous voice). Anyhow, this song is dedicated to my husband Charles. I love you. :) This song does make me sad when I know that she had loved her husband and then so easily broke it off. People forget that just because you marry someone, that doesn't mean it'll be an easy path. Marriage is the uniting of two totally different people. Everyday we are in the rock tumbler and because of it, we smooth each other out. That doesn't mean there won't be mistakes, sometimes really hurtful ones. That's where love comes in. Not the infatuated love we felt when we were dating. Real love. I remind myself that God loved me even when I turned my back completely on him and shook my fist in anger when I was hurting. But He was there when I was broken. He held me when I laid on the floor completely devoid of any more tears. Sometimes if we apply God's love to our own marriage, we might find that through the years, we might have scars, but our love is stronger and sweeter than when we first began. Just something to think about. :) (Please turn off music in sidebar before loading this one.)
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