Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #10

Thirteen Things I love about being a wife!

1. First off, I couldn't be a wife to anybody but Charles because he is the easiest person in the world to live with. For that, I am truly blessed. (I hope I'm not the hardest. Hee, hee... ).

2. Second I would have to say I love being a wife because since I'm a girl, I can't be the husband. Just kidding. I'm so lucky to be a girl because I would not want the burden men carry of providing for their families and not having much of any other choice. As a woman, I can have the choice of so many different things because I've been given that option.

3. I love being the wife because I love to bake and I love seeing the look on my husband's face when I set dinner on the table. It's so good to hear him say, "Mmmmm! This looks good!"

4. I love washing his underwear. Ha! Just kidding! That would be weird. No, but I do love washing his favorite pajamas and then later hearing him rummaging through his drawers. Then I hear, "Yes! My favorite!"

5. I love being the decorator. Even though I live in an apartment, I love it when someone knocks on my door and when I answer says, "Wow! This is the nicest apartment here! You decorate really nice."

6. I love getting up in the morning and looking nice so when my husband comes home, I don't look like a truck hit me. I love it when he says, "Hi beautiful!" Not only that, but taking 10 minutes to freshen up even though I'm just at home makes me feel good about myself. (Then you won't freak when surprise company comes over.)

7. I love being the one in the day time to have to run an errand (instead of sitting at a desk) and go to Target to buy stuff. Going to buy toilet paper always leads to oohing and awwing over the fun isles.

8. I love it when people don't think I'm married and then when they see my four kids, their eyes pop out of their head. They always say, "Oh my gosh, how old are you?! Like 20?!" I say, "Actually, I'm more like 27 and I've been married for almost 8 years." Then they look for my ring.

9. I love how when guys try to (be little stinkin’ perverts) check me out, I can flash them my finger (my ring finger that is) and say, "I got a man!"

10. My favorite time of the day is always 5:15pm because that's the exact minute my best friend (husband) comes home. I have a problem with pacing by the window if he comes home any later. :P

11. I love looking at my wedding pictures every now and then just to remember how truly blessed I am. We almost didn't get married because of other people but we are so glad we did. It was a million times worth it. You have to follow your heart and I'm glad I did.

12. I love having someone to ride in the van with, someone to share my burdens and joys with, someone to share my dreams with.

13. I love having someone to pillow fight with. Someone to share my day with. Someone to sip tea with. Someone to just share my life with. How could I possibly fit this into only 13 things?!!

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