Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Great Question

My boys being silly in the shower.
Ryan is always a ham

Q: I wonder if you have considered homeschooling Chaz? I don't know you or your lifestyle... But it might be an option to keep in mind if this sort of mess continues. I'm sure you could teach him at least as well as a public school classroom, and probably better since he would get one on one attention with someone who knows and understands him.

My answer:
That is an excellent question. Thanks for asking as I have thought about this before. Since this is all new to me about Chaz, I'm certainly weighing all my options. In a normal circumstance, I have to say that personally, I'm not a big fan of homeschooling for my own kids. Growing up, I absolutely loved going to school, loved having teachers, friends, playgrounds, P.E., and the whole bit. I remember as a kid hearing about other kids that homeschooled and I never desired that myself. I am very much a sociable person and I love being around people. I learned so many things in school that I might not have learned in a homeschool setting. Like how I would tell my friends at school about Jesus and how He loves them, I learned to seek out the new kids that had no friends and not judge them, just befriend them. I learned how to make stands against peer pressure from other kids that didn't believe as I did. I learned how to debate my science teacher in class about the creation verses Big Bang Theory. I really think these things strengthened me and gave me a boldness that I might not of had in the protective shell of homeschooling. There are just hundreds of reasons I did not desire that myself as a child. I guess even more with boys. I want them to learn how to react to teachers that might not be so nice. How to respect them anyway. Some years they might have great teachers and some years they might have not so great teachers that you have to walk on egg shells around. I hope that from that they learn that someday when they hold a job, they can learn how to respect their bosses whether or not he's a great boss. For those that homeschool, please don't be offended by this. This is my own convictions! Please don't think I am saying that this is what everyone else should do! I'm just answering a question for someone so I have to answer honestly for myself. Meg, although I have to agree with you that Chaz could be a different case and he could benefit from homeschooling. However, I am learning him myself and I'm still walking in the blind right now! LOL! I say that light heartedly because everyday I am constantly wondering how I can help Chaz learn. I did at one point consider homeschooling Chaz but the little ones were always too distracting for Chaz and they require a lot of my attention and time. The thing about Asperger kids is their weekness in the social arena. I think a school is a good place to work through something like like rather than just have playdates here and there. The schools are all pushing medication right now but I want to slowly take my time because I'm not gonna just throw whatever at him. Whatever meds I use to help him I will carefully research myself and make lots of contact with different doctors. Next year, I might be placing Chaz in a private school that specifically works with kids like Chaz. That would be my last resort and if that doesn't work, I just might take you up on your idea once I have at least one more child in school. :) Thanks, Meg. You definitely got me thinking of more possibilities including your idea for Chaz.

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