Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Blasphemous Preacher"

This is a video of a man who calls himself Jesus Christ. Remember that is an old trick of Satan all the way back to the beginning before man. This is nothing new. Notice also in the video that this man lives lavishly unlike Christ did. People give cars, estates, companies, money to this man. He says that he is the second coming of Christ and sadly many have been deceived. At one point the news points out about their screaming in the streets which is actually only street preaching. That's not what's wrong, it's what they are preaching. Towards the end you will see a man named Rick Ross speak. I don't take anything into account this man says because he was also exposed as a fraud recently and had his website shut down because of it. It is sad that this man (who calls him self Jesus) would deceive so many but the bible says that in the end times there will be people that proclaim themselves God and for people to follow them. Here is just one of them.

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