Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

We went to the Chambers' house for Labor day. I made sure I took a seperate car so I could leave earlier since the guys were playing games. Becky and I had a good time, as much fun as you can have with 9 kids to watch! LOL! Anyhow, here is Becky putting out the dishes.

Ivy just ate and ate and ate. She did not stop unless it was her nap time. Here she is sneaking more watermelon off the table. At one point I caught her walking around naked. She had taken off her diaper and set it by one of the guy's foot, then just walked away. I was red faced as I retrieved the diaper and the little streaker.

The guys played and played games. In fact, when they were done with this, they headed to a game place! But you know, it is labor day so they should do what they want and just have fun on their day off! A little later, Becky and the kids headed to Carol's house. I headed off in the sunset with my little kiddos home to get them to bed. Hope you had a relaxing labor day weekend. :oD
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