Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #7

Thirteen (weird) Ways To Always Keeping Your house spotlessly Clean!

1. Don't have children. I promise you. You will keep your house immaculant.

2. Don't get married. Then... you don't have to worry about any clothes being hidden behind the bathroom door!

3. If you already have kids, clean and ignore them, don't tend to them. CPS may come after you, but hey, you'll have a clean house!

4. Another option is sitting down, drinking coffee, while your little ones each clean a room of the house. Heck, you can even get your one year old to personally vacuum the floor. Just make sure you clear the floor of pennies first.

5. Don't buy any dishes, only disposables. That way you have no dirty dishes. Please don't try and wash the disposable plates. We're not in the depression times.

6. Don't decorate your house! The less stuff you have, the least amount of times you have to dust! Just plain and boring white walls.

7. Don't wear clothes. It only creates more dirty laundry.

8. Never ever buy groceries. Only eat out. Buying groceries only clutters up a clean fridge.

9. Don't ever make dinner. Eat out only. Dirty someone else's dishes.

10. If someone left something on the floor, simply throw it away. That will take care of it.

11. Use your neighbors toilet. That way you won't dirty your own toilet.

12. Hose down in your backyard rather than putting waters spots in your own shower

13. If none of these help, hire a maid. I can't help you. ;)

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