Friday, September 22, 2006

Chaz's (fifth) First Day at School

Charles took Chaz to his first day of school yesterday. Since his was misplaced the first time in a first grade class, we found the Kindergarten version that he needed. Charles took a couple of hours off from work and drove him to this really beautiful school that has the mountains behind it. The building is huge and all the class entrances are inside the school in hallways. Very beautiful place. Charles said he loved the teacher for Chaz. They were learning phonics when they walked in and Charles said that the class was all boys. He said they were all just like Chaz and his age too. At the last school, his class was 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders all in one class. Chaz would get picked on by the 3rd graders everyday. In this class, it's only Kindergarteners. He just loved that class and his new friends that are all his age so he's excited. His bus comes at 6:52am which I don't like because we are church people and that makes it hard for him to get good sleep those nights. I don't see why they have to start so early but oh well. It looks like I finally found the class for Chaz. This will be his 5th school in one years time but I'm pretty sure this is the one that can really teach him. I'm excited!

Chaz is in the very back with the red shirt on. :)
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