Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #9

Thirteen Reasons I feel so incredibly lucky to be a Homemaker

(Sometimes I like to remind myself!) Now remember, I'm not going to make any mention of the blood, sweat, and tears it takes being a SAHM of 4 (or if you have 2). This is only a positive TT today! :)

1. I get to stand out with the boys at their bus stop and wave goodbye to them.

2. After I wave goodbye to the 2 different buses, I get to walk my husband to his car and blow him a kiss.

3. After he leaves, I slowly walk back into the house with a smile on my face while I sip coffee and go get my bible.

4. On the days I'm not teaching at Scottsdale Bible I get to just hang around my little ones and play with them.

5. I can clean with only half the kids at home therefore less interventions I have to make. (Except for this morning when my 3 year old flooded the bathroom).

6. I can make a hot lunch for my husband and visit with him because he comes home everyday on his lunch break to be with us. The guys are jealous at his job. Sometimes they ask him, "So what did you eat today?"

7. After he leaves I can either nap with my kids or get some cleaning done while they are sleeping. And believe me, when Ivy goes down for a nap, I am jumping for joy. She gets into everything.

8. I get to be with my little girl when she wakes up from her nap and give her kisses and snuggles while she's still yawning.

9. I get to welcome my son's school buses as each one comes and then go over their work with them. Then I ask them about their day and I get to have the pleasure of sharing that with them!

10. As a homemaker my only boss is Charles so I don't have to worry about someone who is going to fire me or be demanding! Whoo, hoo!

11. I have the choice of either working or going somewhere fun off the cuff because I don't have to worry about "getting hours in".

12. I don't have a schedule to live by because I can change it each day. I don't have invoices to fill anymore, or CEO's to sale software to, or attend meetings. Or answer the phone with a long "Thankyou for calling TTI, how may I direct your call?". I can just say hello when the phone rings or not answer at all.

13. And best of all, I don't have to miss any moments with my kids and I can attend their school plays, or attend a meeting at their school, or chaperone a field trip. I'm free to be "just me" all day long. (Then hopefully take a shower at the end of the day!) Hee,hee.....

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