Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What Would Be Your Favorite Trait?

Question from Faqqly:
What trait do you most admire?

My Answer:
I would probably say humor. Humor when a day is tough. Humor when a day feels long. Humor when your kids do something that would normally make you cry. Someone who can make a hard day feel like it’s not so bad after all is definitely a good trait.

The second for me would have to be gratefulness. Sometimes I don’t feel like getting up to dress the kids for school. But I am so grateful God gave me these handsome boys who have a nice school to go to in nice clothes. Sometimes, I wish our van didn’t suck up so much gas and cost so much. I am so grateful that God blessed us with a beautiful van that fits my family and runs well with great low payments. Sometimes I wish my house wouldn’t take so long to get done being built. I am so grateful that God bestowed this blessing upon us of a new house. We don’t have to worry about an old house that has problems or repairs that need to be fixed. You see, behind every problem, there is a silver lining. Even if it’s just building your character and teaching you empathy when others go through things.

What is yours?
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