Monday, September 25, 2006

Our Sundays

So, to my friends, this is what our Sundays look like. Here we are heading to church and Ivy and the boys were being cute so I took some pics. Sunday School is for an hour and we get there by 9:30am. Ivy goes to nursery and the boys go to their Sunday School classes. Then we go to the main sanctuary for our Sunday School. At 10:30am, worship starts and the boys come back up to sit in the service and I sing on the platform for worship. After the service is over, we stay in the area because we live kind of far to be driving back and forth. Yesterday, we went and looked at our lot of our house, then had a picnic, before heading back to church for choir practice at 4:30pm which my husband plays drums for. Then at 5:30pm we head to the prayer room for a half hour to pray with everyone else. By 6pm we head back in church for platform practice. On Sunday nights and Wednesday, Charles plays drums for worship. When it's almost 6:30, I take Ivy to nursery and the boys to childrens church. Then I had back in for worship service and the sermon (which is always awesome and challenging). By 8:30, I'm picking the kids back up and getting back in the van to head home after I visit with my friends. So, our Sundays are pretty busy but we love it and I wouldn't trade it for anything!!! Sunday is the Lord's day so we definitely believe in keeping the Sabbath. :) What a wonderful way to spend the day.
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