Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #5

Thirteen Responses To Silly Questions I've Endured

*Please remember that I've shared these with you in light humor. I don't mind any question I get from anyone as long as it's not rude. All of the responses are said politely and some with good humor! Never upset. :) I am just learning to get creative since I hear them so much. Hee, hee...

1. (About having children) "Did you know there are ways to prevent this?" My response: "Oh my gosh, they came out with little pills to stop pregnancy? You're kidding me! Wow! I never knew!

2. (To someone saying "My, you have your hands full"), I say back "Ohhh... Not quite sister"! That doesn't mean I'm having any more kids, I just love saying that.

3. "Are they all yours?" My response, "No, I just love the neighbor's kids so much I can't help but take them with me every where I go. I even take them home and feed them to."

4. "Did you plan their birthday to be 2 weeks apart". My response: "Oh yes, carefully planned! Somehow I just happen to conceive at the right moment every single time and I got lucky that they came out when I told them to!"

5. "Now that you have your girl, are you done?" My response: "I'll have to think about that one. I haven't turned the oven off yet. I'll think about it when I'm about 50."

6. "You spank your kids?" My response: "Yes I do, gladly, so I don't have little Hitlers running around trying to rule the world."

7. "My you have a lot of kids, do you know what causes that?" My response: "No!! Do you? I've been going around asking everyone and people just run away from me. I've been wondering why!"

8. "Maybe since you have so many kids, you just need to get a TV". My response: "I don't have a TV. I don't need to watch other people having a life. I like getting out and having one of my own."

9. (I was asked by someone today while walking into McDonalds), "You have four kids? Do you believe in big families? I said, "If you can handle 'em, then feel free to have them. Otherwise, don't have them."

10. "Don't you know how much those kids are gonna cost you?" My response: "Yes, and that's why my husband has a good career. You don't have to give your kids their every wish and desire. Let them know that their wish is not your every command." That's the beautiful thing about having a career, if you lose your job, it's easy to get another in that field.

11. "Don't you know that people should only have 2 kids?" My response: "Sir, do you believe in the bible? You do? Okay, all over the bible, it says children are an inheritance from the Lord and a blessing. If it ain't against God, it can't be too bad for you. The day I care about how the world approves of me is the day I start to get grimy in it."

12. "My, you're young! Are you like 18 living with your mom having kids?" My response: "Gasp! How did you guess?"

13. "What are you gonna do when your kids go to school this year?" My response: "CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN!!!!" LOL!

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