Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Shots, Tears, and Cookies

*Kyle having his cup of coffee in the morning.
Well, I am in the middle of switching doctors for my kids and switching insurance so we are currently uninsured in the health department. I don't care about myself, just at least for my kids. I wasn't too happy with my last doctor since he was no help with Chaz so I'm making a switch. So, I found a mall today that lets you get immunizations there so I had to get the boys and Ivy caught up on them. First, I forgot the stroller so I had to walk in the mall with Ivy on my hip and the 3 boys walking beside me. When I got in there, I had to fill out all the paperwork with my hands full. No way was I gonna let Ivy wander off. Then I finally got in and had to hold 3 of my kids down for their shots. After Chaz's shot, he kept posing like the hulk and telling everyone that would listen that he was brave and mighty. So, he kept stopping to show people his muscles wherever we went. Ryan cried for the next 2 hours how the people were mean and he shouldn't have got shots. Ivy had it the worst because she had to have 4 shots. It was not easy holding her since I couldn't touch her arms and legs! Since there was a costco in the mall, I went in there and told them I'd get them all a cookie. After we made our rounds of tasty samples all over the store, they got some big, fat chocolate chip cookies. Then we left. It was a crazy day for other reasons but I'll share later when I can add some pictures!!! Ryan's had an interesting first couple days of Kindergarten. Chaz's first grade starts tomorrow. I hope his day starts better than Ryans did! Hee, hee.... I'll share later. :)
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