Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tackle It Tuesday 8-01-06

Okay, this is a little late in coming, but last week I had actually accomplished two huge tasks so I have to share this one with you since I didn't get a chance. Well, I've never been truly "caught up" with my laundry. With a family of six (I know it's not a lot) I kept falling a little bit further behind. Before I knew it, I had a lot of clothes to wash. Since I didn't think to take a picture ahead of time. You'll just have to see a picture of my precious Super Capacity Whirlpool top of the line washer and dryer set. I say that with a lot of affection. It was actually a pleasure doing business with them. Anyhow, I washed over 35 loads of laundry so I stayed up doing it till midnight every night for a week. By the time we put the last load in, Charles and I celebrated. I was truly "caught up". Not one more thing to wash. I'm so proud. It was not an easy task by anymeans and my back hurt, but I am officially a free woman from the Laundry Demon. Tell me your story!

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