Thursday, August 03, 2006

Happy 6th Birthday, Chaz!

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Happy 6th birthday to my son Chaz! He is the light of my life, my first born, my beginnings into motherhood. He is the one who introduced me to a whole new world, the one who got me accepted into the "mommy club". He has taught me so much about patience, wisdom, laughter, appreciation, and how to stop and smell the roses lest become a man standing before me too quickly. Chaz is my little hero for everything he has gone through in the last year. For a little kid, he went through so much. He switched 3 schools in 1 year. By being diagnosed with Aspergers this past year, (a much smaller form of Autism), he has taught me that it doesn't matter what doctors say, he can rise above and surprise everyone. He has taught me empathy. I know that Aspergers has it's downfalls, but the doctors say it can also be a gift. I will take that and run with it. Chaz is a smart cookie and I know if he has the right teachers, he will climb the mountain and have victory! Chaz, I love you with all of my heart, I wouldn't trade you for the world, for money, for anything. Staying home with you in these past 6 years has been worth it times a million. Happy Birthday!!!
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