Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Family Night

This is really cute. We were trying to go get the boys game fixed in time for Chaz's birthday and hopefully buy him a toy gun. After Charles got off work late, we headed out. Well, of course we went to Fry's Electronics because it's our favorite place. I love gadgets!!! We combined getting parts with having a family night. Well, we spotted Madagascar and we all sat and watched a clip of it. I thought it was funny how the kids were all relaxing right there in the isle and people are walking by. I never found the part for their Super Nintendo but they already have an Xbox so they'll just have to wait. By the time we goofed off, the store was closing so we couldn't run through to find him a cool gun. We'll have to sneak to the store tonight before his birthday tomorrow! For you worried moms out there, don't worry about my kids having too many games. They have an alloted time every day they each get and then they are done. Only 1 hour a piece when school starts again. We are just gamers around here so we tend to have those around. Including me. I have a Nintendo and Charles has gaming nights with his friends on his computer. :) Anyhow, here's a cute video.

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