Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Birthday Blessings

Chaz got a belated birthday card from his great grandma yesterday. Actually, that was his second card from her being that she had sent him an ecard on his birthday. He was excited to get it in the mail! Along with it was a money gift so he kept asking us if he could go buy a game. We said sure as long as it had a kid rating. We headed to the mall and as daddy took him to the store, I headed into my sister's store, New York & Company, where she works and visited her a while. That mall has a lot of memories for me because I used to work there as a teen. I worked at an amusement park, JCPenney's, Cinnabon, and Souper Salad at different stages of my teen life. It was a lot of fun and I have a lot of good memories. Anyhow, it's not my favorite mall anymore because it's getting a little run down now so that's sad. It's become more of a hang out scene. I realized in this picture that Chaz had just had more birthday cake so that's what is on his face! Soon is the party for all my kids' birthday but with just family, otherwise we would fill the whole pizza place!! LOL!
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