Monday, August 14, 2006

Haircuts... Such Harshness

I decided that when the boys were little I would be the one to cut their hair. I used to take them to a barber until we had the 3rd boy. Then I was like, "man, what a waste of money." So, I had to buy a shaver set, which got stolen right away along with my expensive photographers camera. Then I bought another shaver set. I sat the boys down and just learned from there. Years later, wha-la, they got some pretty groovy lookin' cuts. They look good. I like the really clean cut look. After years of tears and crying, they're finally getting to the point where they just groan about it. At first, it was outright screaming, then finally just crying, then to moaning about it. At first they would cry so hard, their head would get sweaty and since I took so long doing it, we would all be exhausted after it was all over. Now, they take it like little men and stopped all the fussing. I just have to hear "are you done yet" every 30 seconds. Here in the picture I'm wearing my hair cutting apron and posing with my little underwear clad Ryan right before his shower. I was like, "you look good, lets get a picture".
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