Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sweet Moments

Do you ever get those days where your kids are just enemies of each other? They will fight over who gets to go to the bathroom first, or who has the blue cereal bowl, or who's got the better fork, etc? I get a day like that every now and then and that's when I break out my tea set and sip on tea to calm down. British people must be stressed because they drink a lot of tea. Well, it works for me. Then there are those days where everyone is practically singing the song, "Kumbayah" and holding hands. Here are some pics of those kinds of days.

This is so sweet. I walked into the kitchen, and before I could trip over everybody, I looked down and saw that they had put a pillow on the floor for all of them and got a blanket. The boys laid Ivy down next to them, gave her the bottle she had, and they just all snuggled. I was like, "wait! Let me go get my camera... ooh!"

I had Ivy sitting next to me while I was on the computer. Chaz got some blankets and tucked Ivy in so she could go to sleep. And she did! It was such a sweet gesture.

The next day I turned around to see who was playing the piano and I noticed that Ryan was holding Ivy up so she could play the piano. He held her up for a long time until he couldn't hold her anymore.
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