Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy 3rd Birthday, Kyle!

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  • Happy birthday to my youngest boy, Kyle. When I found out I was having my third boy, and I saw you on the little screen, I knew you were my Kyle James. Many people asked me if I was secretly hoping you were gonna be a girl. But once I saw you, your little heart beating, I knew I would be disappointed if anything other than my little Kyle surprised me. I couldn't wait till the day you came. The day you were born, I noticed your little chin which is just like your dad's. Your cry was so loud, I knew you were gonna be my loud talker that I would have to always quiet in hush restaurants. You proved me right and that's why we call you our "street preacher". Thank you for your sweet kisses in the morning, little giggles in the daytime, and your thoughtful prayers at night. Every day you make me laugh and give me a story to tell others. Happy 3rd birthday, Kyle! I love you!
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