Sunday, August 13, 2006

Live Webcam!

This is so AWESOME!!!!!
I was checking out google earth, which is my absolute favorite way to travel. Cheaper that way. I was checking out Israel and then I went to the wailing wall. I discovered a live webcam of people at the wailing wall praying. You don't have to refresh to keep getting a new picture. Just as the minute changes, you'll automatically see a the current shot. It's so awesome. Just click here to see the live feed. I also was checking out Rwanda and I got to look real close at an outdoor market place. It was neat to see what they were selling. Stuff, like bikes, tires for bikes, shoes, rugs, clothes. It was so cool. You could even see a couple of guys looking up to see the plane overhead. You know, I've always wanted to travel, but this is definitely cheaper, safer, and more time efficient. Ha!
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