Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ryan's Mini Party!

As some of my friends know, all of my kids birthdays are 2 weeks apart in the order of Ivy, Chaz, Ryan, and then Kyle. Well, today was Ryan's turn and this year I decided to hold little mini party's between just us. On Friday, we will go to Charles' parents house where they will get their big surprise. Batman Bikes! Anyhow, that'll be fun!

*I took Ryan with me to pick out his birthday cake. He was excited about this one and watched the lady write his name on it. He thought that was so cool!

*He's been waiting for this Stars Wars gun for awhile. Chaz has the other one. He was so proud of it and happy we got it.

*Ryan's is beaming with happiness. See? Kids don't have to be shower with hundreds of gifts to have a great birthday! That was my point this year. I don't want them to just expect things. We change it from year to year. Sometimes it's big birthdays, sometimes small. :)

*They are all posing for us. I guess maybe so we would know how well they can defend their country. Hee, hee... they tell me they are protecting us from the terrorists.

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