Friday, August 18, 2006

Ryan's First Day of Kindergarten

This is my first chance to tell you about Ryan's first day of kindergarden. He was so excited about it and when I woke him up on Monday morning, he was just beaming with joy. He was looking forward to his teacher who is so incredibly nice, eating with other kids, playing on the playground, and all the fun learning stuff. He just loves being around other kids. This whole week Ryan has just come home so happy. Ryan's teacher is awesome. Ryan had already lost his backpack so when his teacher saw that, she got him an awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack. Ryan came home today so excited about it. His daddy took him to his first day of school. Charles did that with Chaz also. Here are some pics.

* Chaz started his day on Wednesday after I had a 2 hour meeting with all the teachers. We had to discuss Chaz's IEP plan for this year. Chaz is gonna get some great help in areas he really needs such as in the social arena. They are gonna teach him how to be around other people. Also with speech therapy. He comes home with points everyday and I have to review the information and sign the paper every day. He gets his own bus right to our door. There are only 2 schools in the district that offer this class so I feel so blessed. Chaz is finally getting the help he needs with people who are trained to do it. Even better, he has a older guy teacher who's assistant is his own wife and they work great together. I checked out the school online to see it's rating and I was so happy to see that they rated at the top, "Excelling".
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