Saturday, August 05, 2006

Marriage Seminar

The marriage seminar was awesome! Unfortunately we couldn't make it to the morning seminars today but we got to go last night and it was great! The seminar was about neglect. About how it's more women by far than men who file for divorce. This part was the part that shocked me. Majority of the reason was not because of money, infidelity, abuse... but because of neglect. That surprised me. He spoke about a lot but the part that really stood out to me was how men can be doing everything right, preaching all over and being busy with the work of God, but then neglect their family. God does not honor that. There was so much he spoke about that was so helpful, I wish I could've gone the next day. I didn't really want to stay in those rooms since we have our own resort (where we own some property) that we could stay at. But it was too much driving so we just went home after the seminar! :) Not before we had fun with our friends though. :) Friends I love very much! We go way back. After the seminar Kevin and Terry (forgive me if I spell your names wrong guys!) met us at 5&Diner and we had a fun time visiting. I took some pictures of my friends that are also friends of my sister, Jodee. So, these picture are for her. I couldn't get everyone because I could only talk to so many before people left. It's so hard not to sit and talk to everyone all night! :)
Say hello to Shannon and James! (You guys are so funny!)Then to Mark and Kim. Their little girl looks so cute in the 3D ultrasound! Then Kevin and Terry. Sorry Kevin for catching you by surprise in that picture! We had a fun time. :) Then Carolyn and Tom.

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