Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Mom and I

You know, I got a mom too, and she has one too. Some day I wonder what my own grandchild would be like. Would I be accepted as a grandma that could take the child for a day? Maybe with Ivy's kids, but I wonder with my sons, what their wives will be like. Will they be the type that don't trust me? Or think my ways are too old fashion? Will they think I'm not smart enough to know all the tips and tricks? Makes you wonder. I think about how when I was a teen, I thought my parents were so outdated and knew almost nothing! I thought it was my job to inform them how things work! Funny... now as a parent, a young parent at that, I see how with age comes wisdom. By the time I am 34, I will have a teenager. Though in my eyes, I will still be young, my child will think I am so outdated and know nothing about the real world! My gosh. My poor parents. hee, hee... at one point, they thought the same of their parents. The cycle continues...
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