Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Things I love about church

1. I love Praise and Worship. It's my favorite part! Whether I'm singing on stage, or singing at my chair, I love to sing songs praising God.

2. I love walking in and saying hello to someone new. They light up when you take the time of day to make them feel important. The smile in return that you get even though they are unfamiliar with the place is worth it.

3. I love meeting other moms and getting to know them while I am volunteering for nursery duty. I love the little babies!

4. I love talking to people who I otherwise might not call during the week because I am busy with my own tasks. I love how even though it's been a few days since I said hi to a friend, it feels as if we just talked yesterday. There is a bond with people you worship with.

5. I love how the church isn't so big that I feel swallowed up by the crowd. Everybody knows each other and it's wonderful to even know all their kids by name! It feels like family. Even closer sometimes.

6. I love the convicting sermons and I love the call to repentance. I love being able have that time to examine my life to see where I need to work on things.

7. I love hearing about a passage in the bible that I might not of picked up on before and truly understood. I love that the pastor has devoted his life to knowing the word of God so he can share it with us.

8. I love reading my own bible throughout the week and bringing it to church to write in things I had not understood before.

9. I love looking over to see my sons quietly sitting in the pew looking at his own bible even though they cannot read yet.

10. I love watching my sons clap their hands, sing, and raise their hands up when we are having worship time.

11. I love it when my boys lean over during the alter call and tell me that they need to go up and pray that God will help them to be good and listen.

12. I love having people who care about me and people I can be held accountable to who can speak direction into my life even though it's hard to accept at times.

13. I so much love having a pastor that loves me enough to tell me when I am heading down the wrong path and I love having a church who's vision is to send out new works all over the state and into the world to start new churches even though it's hard work. It reminds me of the song "If we are the body" by Casting Crowns. Truly living as disciples of Christ. Reaching out to souls. :)

Thank you for reading my 13 things for this week!!!

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