Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen Things I get to do Once School Starts
(I have 2 going to school and 2, thankfully, still at home)

Authors Note: This is not meant to be an insult for anyone that has less than 4 children. Back when I had two children, that was hard for me because I didn't have more. But now that I've gotten used to 4 kids, taking care of only 2 in the day is like having a party. So, hopefully you'll understand!

1. First and foremost, I get to go potty. I'm telling you, sometimes I just hold it for the longest time. If you are single and childless, just relish your quiet potty times. They will soon turn into scheduled meetings. You're just hoping you can get in around noon time and dinner time. Then as soon as you get in, you'll usually hear a "crash". That's when the meeting is over.

2. I get to read the paper. I order the paper, but it always sits there on my patio because I've made a pact with myself that I will not read the paper until I've read my bible. By the time I've had my coffee and bible time, I don't have much time for paper reading. It's okay, I already know what's gonna happen in the paper because the bible already said. :) Hee, hee...

3. I get to make a phone call with only minimal noise in the background. Right now, as soon as the phone rings, for some unforeseen reason, the boys have an emergency they need resolved right then and there. It's like the phone is the ringing bell for the boy's boxing gloves to come out.

4. I get to go to my boys' school activities and events while they are still too little to be embarrassed by me! Whoo hoo!

5. I get to make my bed before noon.

6. I get to sit down and spend some personal time with my 2 younger ones in the earlier hours and then when the 2 older ones come home, I get to do homework with them and spend some time hearing about their day.

7. I get to clean the house quicker without constantly losing my train of thought and forgetting what I was just doing because I had to rescue someone from something. (Like Kyle climbing out of the bedroom window, or Ivy crawling inside of my cupboards, etc.)

8. I can go to appointments without having everyone ask me, "Are they all yours?" When you only have two, the world considers you normal. When you have 3 or more, people start wondering why you are excessively populating the world. Then they proceed to ask what kind of birth control you're on. Yes, people can be very bold. I can be bold back though. Ask my friend Becky.

9. I can maybe paint my toe nails? I don't know, maybe even curl my hair? I do dress nice at home all the time for my husband, but he tells me he likes it when I paint my toe nails. That's nice. Maybe I'll even have time to paint a bunny rabbit on it too. Just kidding. I had a detention teacher that would do that for us once. Everyone loved to get detention. She was eventually fired.

10. I can go back to playing jokes on telemarketers. I used to love to scare them or trick them into believing stuff. Then they would get really quiet. Sometimes if they don't quit, I just give the phone to my kid and he'll just talk their ear off till they hang up. Better yet, I would witness to some and tell them about Christ. I don't get as many telemarketers anymore.

11. I get to keep my house cleaner for longer than 10 seconds. Can you imagine. I could actually go potty, come back, and see that the floor is still kind of clean. That'll be weird.

12. I get to take my two little ones and go back to Kids Club where we all make our kids sit down and watch the funny lady get up their and dance and sing. Eventually, my kids will get up and get into it. Persephone is amazing at what she does. It's a great place to meet moms, and laugh at the funny lady.

13. I get to go grocery shopping without having to have two kids on either side of the cart and two kids sitting in the cart. Then there is no room to actually put food in the cart. By the time I get to the checkout lane, the bread is smashed and someone ate the crackers.

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