Thursday, March 29, 2012

Taking Young Kids to Dissect Frogs for Homeschool Learning Activities-First Month Free-Click Here!

I signed my kids up for a frog dissection class at the science center and it was interesting!  Normally, I'm not such a wimp.  Ohhhhh, I was yesterday. Okay, well back in Junior high I had no problems dissecting my own frog.  Did I have a problem watching it yesterday?  Lets just say I started to see black spots in front of my eyes and I had to leave and have my husband take over.  I felt like I was gonna faint and had to leave.  I felt really bad for a couple of hours after that.  My friend heaved a couple of times. It was pretty funny though because we were both struggling.  I don't know if it's because of my morning sickness or because I'm just becoming more wimpy over time.  Haha!  Well, here are some great photos!

(Above) Ryan dissected a female frog

(Above) Ryan's frog was female so he could see the eggs.

My husband Charles helping the boys since I couldn't get up close

(Above) Chaz's frog was male

Chaz listening to instructions

(Above) The teacher showing Ryan he needs to cut open a little higher

How cool is it that my boys only 10 and 11 years old got to dissect frogs and I wasn't able to till Junior high?  This is what I mean about the excitement of homeschooling.  We do things when we want to and have tons of our own field trips throughout the year.  Even better, daddy gets to be involved!  He has a split shift where he has a 4 hour break in between shifts so he is able to attend these things.  I have such a cool husband and life.  :D  

Charles helping Ryan.  Ryan said it was pretty neat opening the frogs mouth inside and looking to see if there was any food in there.

My friend's son Jeremiah putting on his gloves

Kyle (above) 

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