Sunday, March 11, 2012

Taking a Real Break Since Spring Break is Here

So this is the start of spring break for most kids and we decided to use the break too.  My husband has the week off also since he works for a school district.  Well, we want to explore!  How much exploring will we be able to do with our van not working?  Well, we'll find out.  :)   We started off by swimming at Nana's on Saturday.

Chaz 11
It's the first time we've swam since last summer so the kids were excited.  They had a pool that is heated and so it wasn't painful getting in the water.  However, as time went on it wasn't as hot outside and so getting out was hard.  The little bit of breeze made drying off seriously freezing.  :)  We had fun though!  My dad swam with us.  I really love my babies.  

This is the first time Caleb wanted to be in the water.  Caleb is 2 1/2 and he had soooo much fun splashing everyone and laughing.  That means it's time to get him a vest like we did the other kids.  Chaz, Ryan, and Kyle know how to swim so they don't wear theirs anymore.  Thankfully, it get passed on to the younger kids.  Ivy knows how to swim but I make her wear hers since there are so many of us in the pool and she's only 6.  Caleb needs one for his size so I'm gonna have to purchase it.  We only get the ones that are US Coastguard approved and they are very comfortable to wear.  It's even helped all my kids learn how to swim.

My dad is such a hard worker but truly a kid at heart and the kids love swimming with him.  The kids played chicken fighting in the pool. We matched up the kids according to weight.  My dad had one and Charles had one on their shoulders and you had to see who could wrestle each other off and make fall into the water. LOL.  

When we first showed up at the pool there were four people there drinking beer but respectful.  It was so nice, quiet, and peaceful for them.  Ahhhhh...... till we showed up. I showed up first with my dad and three kids.  They were totally cool with it till I warned them that this was just half my family. When the rest of everyone got there the people cleared out within five minutes and we had the pool to ourselves. I think for fun I'm gonna make some daycare shirts for the kids.  

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Kerrie McLoughlin said...

we love swimming! we have a friend who has an outdoor pool in her yard and we go starting in may usually. otherwise we go to the public pool june through august like crazy people! AND usually dig out a small blow-up pool in the yard. your dad is really cool ... reminds me of mine! i love how people cleared out when you came. that happens to us as well. you just have a sense of humor about stuff and people can't get mad. if they do, you warned 'em and you were nice and that's all you can do!