Thursday, March 22, 2012

Each Day is an Adventure Around These Parts

Neighbor kid hanging out
There are some interesting stuff happening around here but I cannot tell you.  Nothing to do with my family but helping out a friend. Soooo, we've basically had about 4 adults and 12 kids hanging around and spending the night.  Lots and lots of food going into tummies.  :)  

Anyway, today we ate Tortellini Soup and it's the only way my kids will eat spinach.  My sister showed this to me and it's sooo easy and is a family favorite.

-2 family size packages of fresh (cheese only) tortellini.  Usually in the cheese section of store.
-10 or 12 oz package of frozen spinach
-10 cans of chicken broth

Heat chicken broth and spinach (don't really have to drain juices first) to boiling.  Then add tortellini for 9 minutes (reduce heat to medium).  Done!  Then you add salt to taste and parmesan for topping.

I've been tired a lot. There has just been a lot of things happening from all different angles and I'm just trying to stay strong and figure out how to handle things from day to day.  Last week I was really down so I didn't do much cleaning for a whole week.  I've been really paying the price for it this week. Since there are a lot of people here on and off I figured I needed to stay on top of it.  The last two nights I stayed up till around 2:30am to clean.  It's just so much easier to clean while everyone is sleeping.  Besides, I don't want to just be cleaning and be there for a friend instead.  The good thing is this issue has kept my mind off the last week's issue.  Anyway, I'm super private about these kinds of things in my life so I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense.  LOL.  Caleb is such a light sleeper it's been hard for him to nap but today he just fell asleep in the middle of all the noise and I had to take a picture it was so cute.  I transferred him to my bed for some quiet.


Unknown said...

My mom makes a really good Tortellini soup as well. Your recipe made my mouth water and I instantly was taken back to when I was a child and she would make it for us.

Glad you have been busy...good to keep your mind off stuff. I have had some really bad nights trying to sleep lately so I have had some extra prayer time. I guess the Lord knows that is the best time to get in some good quality prayer, right?

Have a wonderful evening and a blessed day tomorrow! :)

Jenny S said...

I'll have to try that soup. It looks good and easy.

I totally understand staying up late to clean...been there, done that! I usually regret it the next morning, though, when I'm tired. Please do try to get some sleep!! :)

Motherhen said...

The soup sounds great. I've got a tonne of broth in my freezer, sounds like a great way to use it! Thanks for the inspiration.

Sounds like a great "mess" of people, Griffin would love to be at your "messy" house. I hope you can find some time to rest though.

Thinking of you and hoping that things get easier for you soon.

Motherhen said...

I tried your recipe, After boiling the pasta in the turkey broth, I threw it in the crock pot with the spinach and I added a can of chopped tomatoes. It was a huge hit, my husband and my 16 year old were raving about how awesome it was! Thanks for the great idea.