Thursday, March 15, 2012

30 Week 3D Ultrasound

Yesterday I to the doctors for a 30 week ultrasound for baby Juliet.  This time Charles got to come with me and since we had someone watching the kids we got to go alone. How different and fun!

I told the doctor that baby Juliet is so mellow I was hoping it's just because she's such a mellow baby and not because there was any distress.  They measured her and at 30 weeks she is breech and her legs folded up towards her face.  That's why in the picture you see her foot right in her face.  :D  By 36 weeks if she doesn't turn they are going to have me go to the hospital to try and turn her. (See video at bottom of post on how they turn a breech baby).

Juliet is 3 1/2 lbs already and we saw her smacking her lips and making sucking motions with her mouth.  Was soooo cute!  

They think either she is mellow because:
a) I'm just lucky, 
b) she's breech and how she is laying 
c) I'm such a busy mamma that doesn't sit down much and so the rocking motion puts her to sleep.  Yeah, you don't do a lot of sitting down with 6 kids.  

I told her that I have a lot of acid problems and it keeps me up at night.  Sometimes it makes me wake up to throwing up and choking several times a night.  It's not fun trying to cough up acid out of your lungs the next day.  She recommended Prilosec instead of Tums and said its way more effective.  Also, that'll help with the nausea.  

My dad holding me
We had such a fun time and afterwards Charles I ate at Red Lobster for a date.  It was fun but we were actually happy to sit there quietly and eat rather than chat away.  The waiter probably thought we were mad at each other but we were happy to just share bits and pieces here and there.  It's really nice getting away every now and then but we always miss the kids when we are gone.

Anyway, I'm hoping Juliet turns on her own before 36 weeks but in case she doesn't I will have to go to the hospital and have her turned.  I found a neat video that shows how they do it. It doesn't work all the time because the doctors tried it on me with my 3rd child and it didn't work.  However, at the LAST minute before I was to have a c-section, Kyle turned and BOY did I feel it.  He was my biggest kid.


Unknown said...

Ooooo...Prilosec sounds like a great option. Especially for the nausea.

Hope Juliet turns on her own...I have never had a breech baby so I would have no idea how they would turn a baby but the video shows it perfectly! I heard of a woman who had that done during labor and it was excruciating for her...hopefully it won't be for you if you need to have it done.

I LOVE those ultrasounds; I had one with my first cool to see the baby in "real life"!! :)

Lea Marie said...

Ultrasounds are so exciting :) You got some pretty clear shots of her face. I can't wait to check back and see her. Sorry about your acid problems :(

Anonymous said...
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Angie said...

Have you tried a chiropractor? They can help with turning a baby too. It is another option if you want to try it. I saw one each month of my last pregnancy and it helped her position a lot.

Virginia Revoir said...

Sorry about the weird comment on here. Sounds like the person was just really nutty. I deleted it.

Chris H said...

I hope she turns on her own!
I too am having trouble with acid tummy.. my dr just gave me losec too.
Oh and Juliet looks like your other babes already!