Wednesday, March 07, 2012

My Journey into Homeschooling

In my journey to what some call is "true homeschooling" I am trying to figure out how to incorporate different subjects with events on the calendar.  Next week we'll be learning the story of St. Patrick, doing some artwork, learning Geography, etc.  Well, some of this stuff may come easy to people but for me I like to follow.  I like things set out for me so I don't make mistakes.  I do want to learn how to make my own lesson plans and so I really gave it a try today.  However, I have no problem at all using boxed lessons for Language Arts and Math.  I love it a lot actually and the kids are loving it too.  The whole point of my kids "homeschooling" is to school at home with me.  That's what matters in my eyes.

I found a video about Michelangelo Buonarroti that is kid friendly and easy to follow for History.  When I was reading about him I got to thinking about the sculpture of David he made and how I could take that into an Art lesson and also a Bible lesson.  With that I could introduce our Character Quality of the week which is:
Boldness vs. Fearfulness
Confidence that what I have to say or do is true and right and just in the sight of

Acts 4:29
“And now, Lord, listen to what they are saying. They are trying to make us afraid! Lord, we are your servants. Help us to speak your Word without fear.”

a non-naked photo of
the sculpture
I put together this bible lesson plan about David and Goliath and history about Michelangelo and printed it out.  Then I had them draw a picture of the story as I read about David and Goliath.  We had so much fun and learned sooo much.  

I feel like homeschooling is a journey and I'm one lucky lady to be able to embark on it with my kids.  It's exciting learning about forgotten things that was crammed way back when.  How much do we retain of that stuff when we are little?  I love learning it now even more! The great thing about it is I feel like I can cross out the garbage I don't want and filter what is presented to my kids.  Man, I got bullied big time taking my science teacher on about evolution when I was in 8th grade.  People threw papers at me, boo'd me loudly, and tried to trip me going up the aisle.  Was so worth it though.
Click on picture to enlarge
The other day I went to buy some supplies for art because my kids would do all this wonderful artwork and I really had no where to put it.  I moved some unnecessary furniture in the kitchen (whatever) and put up an art display instead above the computers:

I got a piece of heavy duty string, some construction paper, and some of those clips you hang up laundry with (small ones).  I just clip their newest artwork up on it.  The kids were so happy and so was I because it shows we care.  What kid doesn't want their artwork displayed?
I'm sure there are plenty of people who could pick on me and tell me I should do it this way or that way but this is our journey.  This is how we can learn and take steps forward.  I may not do everything right but I'm certainly gonna give my 100% to make sure these kids are successful.  I want us to enjoy it more than anything and we truly are.  I'll never regret the day I left K12 at the bus stop and said "I quit".  I guess you could call me a K12 quitter and I don't mind.  It squashed all joy of learning out of both the kids and I and we hated waking up every day to it.  This way we feel free and learning is actually fun again.

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