Friday, March 02, 2012

Missing Our Family Van & Adventures

at a museum with kids a couple of years ago
Today my kids are normally at a school but since our family van is still not working we are home.  However, once my husband comes home from work this evening I'll be taking 3 of the kids in his car to the Children's Museum downtown since it's a free night.  :D  We have the money for a transmission but there is not one available yet to buy and my father-in-law is waiting for one to come up.  He's amazing at fixing cars and finding good deals.  Soooo, there sits our big van just lonely and sad.  I like to get out a lot with the kids so I miss it really bad too.  Not driving it though has at least saved me almost $200 in gas.  If it was working we would all be going to the event tonight.  Charles is bummed when we have to split up like this and go to stuff separately.  Me too!  He is such a fun daddy.

I have more work that I can possibly even get done in one day but it makes me happy!  I experience a long, boring weekend last time with very little to do and it was poo-pooey.  I don't want to go through that again.  Then again, if our van had been working we would have just gotten out together.  

I thought the morning sickness was beginning to subside but this morning it gave me a reminder that it's still there and was only taking a break.  The kids are so used to it they've stopped talking about it.  I'll hear them say "baby is making mom sick again."  My kids have been such light sleepers lately because of Caleb.  He's in this habit of waking up in the middle of the night, waking up all his brothers, and trying to wander the house.  Last night was tough because he woke up four kids and all the lights were on in the house.  He treats them like his personal servants and gets them to get him a drink or anything else he wants.  He's even tells them to turn on or turn off the fan. He's only two, that little stinker.  Last night I got up to get him settled back down and the other kids back in bed.  Then I made rounds to turn all the lights back off.  My concern I'm having is him escaping the house in the middle of the night.  He's learned how to unlock everything and my worst fear is him opening doors while we are all asleep.  We are gonna go buy those chains locks to put at the top of all the doors to prevent that from happening.  The same thing happened to my friend. Her boy would escape in the middle of the night while they are totally passed out and wouldn't even know it. Well, he did it a couple more times and even after they bought those locks.  The last time he did it the cops found the boy playing naked in a fountain a mile away.  Crazy, huh?  They finally got an alarm that would go off if the door was opened.


Jenny said...

It's hard not having transportation! I hope your van is fixed soon!

Unknown said...

I didn't know your van was still feeling sick! Hope you get it back soon! Growing up in a big family, I remember being without a van on several occasion and it was such a pain to do anything as a family. Hope yours is fixed soon!