Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Sick Kids, Broken Carts, and Facebook Backlash

Caleb and Kyle playing soldiers
There is definitely some sicknesses going around and my son caught the bug a couple of nights ago.  Agh... I'm fighting with my morning sickness just to talk about it right now.  Kyle was up all night long Sunday night into the morning getting sick and once I finally went to bed making sure he was okay, he did a lot of getting sick in the room.  I didn't know till the next morning when my husband's friend came over.  They were talking in the living room and I walked down the hallway to get something.  I smelled something funny and tried to make a run for it but threw up my coffee right on the floor. Lovely.  So now the bedroom was giving off fumes and wifey is throwing up on the floor.  Whew.... it was just one of those mornings!  It's seems Kyle's sickness was only 24 hours but he was pretty weak and tired for the rest of the day.  I had him homeschool a little bit but he was just not into it.  I felt really bad for him and had him just go rest for the the day.  He's the kid the never complains about much of anything when it comes to work so I knew he really did feel cruddy.

Last  night I went to Walmart with a friend and bought some homeschool supplies. We were being goofy the whole time and were just laughing like crazy.  It takes us forever to do anything when we are together.  She just had surgery so she was riding in an electric cart that kept stalling.  We'd just be walking along and all of a sudden my friend would be gone.  I'd look back and she would be stuck for a few seconds before the cart would work again.  There were no other carts so we were stuck with it. When we're together we tend to buy more because we talk each other into it.  I'm sure our husbands fear that when we say we are going shopping together.  LOL.  I bought a bulletin board to tack up our bible study we're doing each week and then some dry erase markers for the white board.  I got a jumbo pack of construction paper and some other supplies.  It really is encouraging to have a close friend that homeschools and we can give each other ideas.  We are both in the same boat with being fairly new to schooling our kids at home and really trying to find our way.  That is why we use something to help us along.  As time goes on I've slowly begun pulling away and doing our own stuff. So far I only do that with History and Science.  I use a program for Math, Language Arts, and Bible and I'm really happy with it.  

My husband lectured me this morning about working myself too hard and I need to at least stop working by 9pm.  I told him I enjoy being busy and I don't realize I'm doing that.  He said 9pm I'm done so that's that.  My man has spoken.  :)  Hey, at least he doesn't think I sit on my butt all day and eat bon bons.

Last night I dreamt that God took me to view the world from a distance.  Have you ever been in a plane and when you look out the window the houses seem so tiny?  It always gets me in a deep thought about how we get so caught up in day to day life and forget some important things. When going up in a plane the worries of this world seem to get tiny along with all the buildings.  Well, in my dream God took me out of the world to look at it from a distance.  He said the world is so caught up in the rush of things they don't realize what is coming. We needed to remember what mattered and to keep our hearts right with Him. It was a pretty neat dream but I woke up right after it wondering why I dreamt it and decided to just accept it.  It's true.  We take care of our day to day but one day we will stand before God and need to be ready for that.  Relationships are more important than things.  Working, working, working just so we can have more "stuff" is different than working to make a living and support our family.  The other day on Facebook I made the "mistake" (not really) of saying I appreciated my mom being a homemaker and taking care of us.  If I ever post anything like that I definitely get a verbal whipping from some.  Working moms always feel that I'm trying to send a message to them and each thinks I was secretly throwing a dagger.  I'm not.  It was just a thought that popped in my head and I wanted to send a thanks to my mom.  :)

If you get a chance head on over to my other friend's blog.  Her post today is called "Homeschool Chemistry: A Bunch of Advice From Kerrie"  A good read!


Unknown said...

Oh boy...you throwing up trying to clean up your children's throw up. Now THAT has got to be awful!!! My children were both sick this weekend but only with head colds. They have yet to get a stomach bug and I am DREADING the day that happens. :(

Don't worry about what people say about you on FB. There are always some who, no matter what you write, will disagree with you and oh well to them. I left FB a long time ago (spending too much time on it) and don't miss it at all. My hubby ALWAYS has people attacking him there...but he writes very controversial posts (street preacher, ya know...LOL!) and gets people thinking. I have come to the conclusion that most people don't like to think these days. So sad.

Ok. Well, enough of my dissertation today...hope no one else gets sick! Thinking of you and praying for you as well! :0)

Iccle One said...

Wow some people are crazy sensitive on FB. It makes you wonder why they are so defensive, probably because they wish they didn't have to work. It's hard for me to really comment on this until I'm a Mum myself, but my Mum was a homemaker most of time, just occasionally helping out in the family business. You are taking full responsibility for your children by home schooling your children, which I think it amazing. Personally it's not something that I could do, but that's me.

Bonnie said...

I read that convo the other day on FB and so wanted to say something, but didn't want to interject myself. I felt your pain. You know what my family can be like with me. You were very nice and obviously just counting your blessings. We need more of that--all of us--even non-Christians. Funny, that's what I wrote about too. So proud of you Virginia and I hope that you are blessed to be a blessing. Because you are a blessing!

Virginia Revoir said...

Sally, my husband is like that too but just a bit more bashful. However, when he's standing up for what he believes in, boy, he makes sure they know it! :D

Iccle One, thank so much. :) You know, I can totally appreciate that everyone goes through different stages of life at different timings. I actually fell into motherhood and was shocked when I was first pregnant. I WAS NOT ready at all but I guess I had to be fast! LOL. It was so scary to me I would lay awake at night. Thank you for your encouragement. :)

Bonnie! I love when you comment. You go through a lot too and also with your family. It's hard when you want that support but it's just not there. Without blogging I would have never "met" you. That was my sister Tam that wrote me on Facebook. I guess we just have really different outlooks on life. I really, really tried to quickly make peace with her. She's definitely brought me to tears many times. I still love her like crazy.

Kerrie McLoughlin said...

thanks for telling about my post! i hate that we have to be so careful about what WE say about loving staying home and knowing it is very important and yet the moms who work for fulfillment only and money for Prada bags can talk about how great it was to get away from the kids for the weekend AFTER they worked all week and it's fine. nobody would ever dream of calling them out on that. it's ridiculous!