Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vaccines: A Crime Against Humanity

 This is an EXCELLENT video and answers all the questions I've had about vaccinations and the dangers of it. I've just seen too much in my own life and families around me that are hurting from vaccinations.  I'm talking about FRIENDS in my personal life that I know who are effected greatly from giving their kids vaccinations.  That's shocking.  People have been really pressuring me to get my kids vaccinated because there has been an outbreak of some things.  In this video she says that there was an outbreak in Iowa where 67% of the children who had contracted mumps had already gotten the vaccination so they "should have been protected." Same with the pertussis outbreak in California.  A vast majority already had the full series of the vaccination.  This is a great video to watch.

Here is the video.


Karen said...

I'm never quite sure what to think about the vaccine grandmother had several siblings die from one of the diseases we now vaccinate against. 3 of my husband's aunts got polio...2 of them were in the hospital on the other side of the state for around a year in an "iron lung", one eventually died of pneumonia (complicated by the prior polio) the same time I always reject the flu vaccine...anyway...hard for me to really evaluate the risks considering I know people who died of these serious diseases.

Unknown said...

This is why I am glad that we do not vaccinate. I was vaccinated as a baby and of course, as everyone will say, I turned out fine. (Some say I didn't...LOL!!!)

Anyway, what she says about the Vitamin K shot is amazing. In New York State, it is illegal for you to refuse this shot (as well as the eye goop that they give). If you PUSH refusing the shot, the hospital will call CPS and you will not see your baby until you approve the shot. CRAZY!!!!!!! My babies are always jaundiced and I am adamant about trying to prevent this as much as possible. It stinks that I cannot refuse that stupid shot.

Obviously, I am thankful that we don't vaccinate...and we too get much heat from family about it. BUT, God created our bodies and we are fearfully and wonderfully made. He knows our days, when we will die and how we will die. I am not in control of that, but I can control what OTHERS want to do with my children and not trust what they say until I do my own research.

Very good disgusting about how many shots children get!!

Unknown said...

PS- hope you don't mind, but I shared it on my blog too!

Unknown said...

I am very glad I dont vaccinate. :))