Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When Poor Vision Plays a Factor in Learning

I was talking not too long ago about Ivy really struggling in her learning.  She is 6 1/2 but can barely recognize her alphabet.  Recently, I had taken the boys to get their eyes rechecked and get new frames.  I figured I might as well get Kyle an Ivy's checked because we never have before.  I honestly didn't think they'd have any vision problems because they never complain about their eyes. 

Kyle and his funny smiles.  LOL

Well, we got their new glasses and I was shocked how bad Ivy's eyes were.  I tried to look through her glasses and it seriously hurt.  The first thing she said when she put on her glasses is "I can see letters!"  Oh my gosh.  You've got to be kidding me.  I'm so excited to see how she's gonna do now in her school work.  I went ahead and bought a phonics program that we can work together on.  I mean, it's a preschool program.  She's barely seeing some letters for the first time and she's really excited.  That means we have to start back at the beginning.  Kyle's eyes are even worse! He just strains really, really hard to see.  Poor guy.  Ivy's is stigmatism along with poor vision so that's why she wouldn't even bother to try and focus her eyes.  I'm excited to work with her now knowing this probably was a huge factor in her learning struggles!

By the way, even through all tears and crying I can't believe how wonderful my blogging friends are.  Your words of comfort and assurance yesterday meant a lot.  You are amazing.  I don't have much support in my personal life for having a large family and I look to other blogs to learn and be encouraged.  Even though this issue was not about having a large family, you just reached out with words of love.  Thank you.  


Karen said...

I usually check my kids right before they start Kindergarten, and around 3rd grade (when I got mine)...but I'm wondering if I should get my 4-year-old who has ADHD checked to see if that could be an issue with why he confuses my 2 brothers and colors and spoons versus forks...

Chris H said...

I am sure Ivy will go ahead in leaps and bounds now!

As for size of family... I believe is is NO ONES' BUSINESS how many children you have!!!
What will be will be is how I see it.

Look at me! I always wanted 4, then deliberately had 6! And now we have 8... fate.