Friday, March 09, 2012

When it Rains it Pours

Just another one of those days.  Our transmission in our van is not an easy one to replace so we are still not able to use the family van.  Today I waited for Charles to get home from work in the morning so I could take the kids to their Friday school day.  On the way there while driving on the freeway I lost the tread from one of my tires.  I pulled over to see the damage and figured since I was so close to the school I would drop them off.  I picked up new materials that were needed and then called my husband to give him the bad news that he wouldn't be able to go back to work today.  H recently got over the flu and hated that he had to call in from work yet again.  I drove home with my hazard lights on really slow hoping I would make it without getting a flat.  My husband is getting a new tire right now.  Argh.  This is his work car but it's been our secondary car since our van can't be used.  However, we are not able to go anywhere as a family since we don't all fit.  I'm so wishing we just had two small cars right now to get around so we'd not only save in gas but we wouldn't have to worry about such costly repairs.   I know life happens.  It's just frustrating when things happen all at once.  When it rains it pours, huh?  At least his car just needed a new tire and it's an easy fix. 

On a sweet note I've been dealing with some really cute girly stuff.  Girls can be so emotional and cry about what I think are the silliest thing but it's not to them.  Ivy has really been soaking up compliments on character.  I've learned that although it's nice to compliment a child's looks, it's better to point out beauty in character.  Last night I was tired, finishing up cleaning the kitchen, and washing clothes real late, Ivy walked up to me and had big alligator tears rolling down her face.  She said that Ashley complained about her princess pillow she got for Christmas and Ivy thought that wasn't grateful. I told her that it was a gratefulness issues but maybe Ashley was just upset about something else and she could talk to her about it.  Ivy went in to talk to her 4 year old sister about it and I guess they worked it out because Ashley came out holding her princess pillow and hugging it.  


Unknown said...

Oh sorry to hear about your car troubles!!! But, you are least it is just a tire rather than a transmission.

Your girlies working things out together is really sweet too. Hopefully someday my children will be like that too! It is so good for them and helps them bond.

Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!!! :)

Bonnie said...

So sorry about the car troubles. I don't know why it always seems that troubles come in batches. That story about the sisters is so sweet. I try to encourage compliments for good character as well. It's so important. Good job Mum! :-)