Friday, March 02, 2012

Ideas for Bible Lessons with Kids & Child Training Bible

Funny yesterday's blog was kind of on this topic but this weeks bible study in the morning with the kids has been on Anger.  I found a lesson on anger for the kids and had them draw a picture for me.  I used this lesson on anger called "Anger Scars" and was really wishing I had thought ahead because I would have done the actual demonstration with them.  So instead they each drew it.  I had them draw a piece of wood.  Then told them to pretend they were making holes in it. Imagine every time you lost your temper and say mean things you were hammering a nail into the piece of wood.  After that I explained that when when we go back and say sorry to someone, it's like taking the nail out but what is left behind in the piece of wood?  It leaves a hole. That scar will forever be there.

Then we looked up the definition of anger and the definition of meekness and wrote them down.  The kids really, really enjoyed having our morning bible study be more interactive.

Each of the kids had some really cute drawings of the piece of wood, stick figures looking angry and making others cry. 

Since this whole week we are looking at Meekness vs. Anger, we'll be using this story tomorrow called "Don't Be Angry" and draw pictures of a beautiful scenery with a volcano in the background.  Well, since volcanoes can erupt, it causes major damage and even death.  :(  

I'm always looking for tools that can help with bible study and stumbled on this site called "The Child Training Bible". You just have to see for yourself how it helps to quickly find scriptures for kids when dealing with certain issues.  

Make the truths of God’s Word foremost in your parenting by taking your child directly to the pages of Scripture with this colorfully tabbed Bible with highlighted verses.  You will be ready with The Holy Word of God at your fingertips in the moment you need it!

I'm definitely ordering it and can't wait to use it.  :D

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Karen said...

That's neat! And great object language for the anger!