Monday, April 02, 2012

Science Fun and Real Brains, Bleh!

Last week Charles and I took our kids to the Science Center and had so much fun!  We could stay there for hours.  There are 3 floors of things to experiment with and we never have enough time to do it all.  Here are some pictures though!  My friend Michele, the one my son injured, is trying to help the boys relax for this game.  If you look in the center you'll see a ball.  The only way to move the ball across to your opponents goal is to be relaxed.  The more relaxed you are, more than your opponent, you'll win.  This game is really hard for me.  I often forget what I'm doing and start thinking about other stuff.

This one is to where you and a friend sit on either side of a mirror.  It lines your features up in pieces.  Charles was on the other side and we looked so funny!  :D

Ivy was trying to piece together the organs but they were falling out.  It was funny when we acted like she broke the poor guy's body.  Of course we then told her it's supposed to be taken apart.

Kids playing Tic Tac Toe with scuba diver.

Ivy and Kyle wheelchair racing.  Caleb is in the yellow shirt watching his big sister.

*** Warning: in case pictures of real brains grosses you out, don't view this next part.  Most likely I just peaked your curiosity though***

Snake brain

rat brain

Cat brain
Monkey brain

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