Thursday, April 05, 2012

Moms Can Have ADHD Too

Easter is coming and I'm not overly excited about the whole Easter basket stuff.  I feel like sometimes kids can just expect things after a bit and take it for granted.  Especially when there is a more important meaning behind the holiday.  I think we'll keep our tradition like we do every year but make it smaller.  We always give them new summer stuff for Easter in their baskets.  New towels, goggles, swimming suit, etc.  Then throw in a chocolate bunny.  Yada, yada.  However, I'm keeping it simple this year and just getting them new towels and some candy.  I don't like it when the amount grows of what they get and they expect more and more each year so I think this year we'll scale back.  Kind of like Christmas.  Growing up I never knew if we were gonna have a small Christmas or big one. We were just happy either way.

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As most my friends know I'm not shopper.  I used to be but now I mostly do my ordering online through Amazon.  Well, not only have I found that it's cheaper to buy my ink cartridges through Amazon but I find things that I need online rather than have to go to a specialty store.  I have 3 kids so far that have ADHD or ADD like my husband and I do.  Well, I've never treated them with medicine but I found another route through vitamins that was recommended by a friend and her doctor.  Chaz is has more energy than any person I've ever known and he has a hard time concentrating on schoolwork and falling asleep at night.  Ryan and Ivy just have a hard time concentrating period.  When learning, half the time they are in lala land and I know how hard it is because it was like that for Charles and I.  Even as adults it's a struggle.  After I have Juliet, I'm going to look into something like this for myself.  There are sooo many people who don't believe in ADHD/ADD but they just don't understand because they don't know what it's like.  Even as a mom and housewife it's one of my biggest struggles.  However, James Dobson said it can be a bonus because we are able to juggle so many things at the same time.  So, I do try and count my blessings often in dealing with it.

As funny as that picture is, it very much reflects how the mind works.  Its like firecrackers of thoughts going off in your head and before you complete one thought you are right onto the next one.  It also effects the memory and getting tasks done.  However, I have an amazing amount of energy all the time and it's a huge bonus for me.  Often I can't sit down for very long.  Sitting through a movie?  Ha!  You'd  better give me something to do at the same time or I'll go nuts. Ignorant people assume that because I'm a homemaker I'm lazy.  Yeeeeeah right.  My friend  has really helped me to slow down when she comes over so we can actually visit. I feel bad all those times she would visit me and she'd have to follow me around the house so we could talk.  It's amazing she's stuck with me since it took about 10 years for me to learn not to do that to her.  I don't know.  Half the time I get mad at having this issue but then I see the blessings of it too since I have to keep up with a  large family.  :)  It can be hard to remind myself to slow down and my husband has to remind  me to at least take an hour break in the day because I won't remember too.  Either that or he'll kick me out and tell me to go visit a friend.  Well, that works too.  


Deborah G said...

The answer is yes, moms can have adhd, as I think you concluded in your post. It can be a blessing, it can be a struggle. Vitamins can help. Diet can help more.

I encourage you to prayerfully check out Feingold has been our lifestyle for six years now.The great thing is, they are still curious and energetic. But, they can focus and get things done. And I can complete a sentence before the thought flies out of my head.

Zion said...

Glad your energy is up, and even better that you have a wonderful husband that reminds you to slow down anyway.