Thursday, April 26, 2012

Worried Baby Wouldn't Turn Head Down Before Birth

Yes!  She did!  I was concerned because I really didn't want a c-section.  I'm 36 weeks and went into my usual checkup to see how baby is.  I didn't know I was gonna get another ultrasound but she is head down.  I think she turned about a week ago because I started feeling a lot of kicks on the top of my stomach.  So, we saw about the 4th time that she is a girl for sure but the other surprise is that she is already 7lbs!  So, if I deliver her to full term she'll be about 8 1/2 lbs like Kyle was.  I don't think I'll be delivering her that late though so she thinks she'll be around 8lbs by 39 weeks.  That was such a surprise for me because my last three kids were in the 6lb range.  I got to see another 3D ultrasound of her which is pretty cool.  :D  By the way, in a week and a half the doctor is stripping my membranes.  It's never put me into labor, just helped my body get ready. She asked if I wanted the balloon in 2 1/2 weeks to go into labor but I'm not sure I want it.  I might just want to go on my own. We shall see!

The other day my kids were freaking out because they saw this bug on the mini blinds. I told them I THINK it's safe.  So while they were all admiring it, my son Ryan walks up and grabs it.  The little ones were thinking he was to be freed but Ryan headed straight to the chickens.  Well, the miniature chicken ate it like there was no tomorrow and all the kids were crying for about a half hour.  Oh my goodness, the crying felt like it went on and on.  I told them it's just part of life and this happens all the time.  :D

Speaking of chickens, Caleb has found a buddy and this poor chicken rarely gets a break. This is my miniature chicken so she is perfect for Caleb's size.  I'm surprised I've never stepped on her since she's been a regular in our house lately.  Caleb snuggles her and carries her around like a teddy bear.  Thankfully this chicken has a lot of tolerance.  That or she is just scared into silence.  Not sure which one.

Our other chickens are too big for kids to play with like this.  Thankfully there has been no poop in the house.  That would just be gross.  Ivy is so goofy with the chicken on her head.  Ha!  


Avital said...

Many midwives recommend that at 36 weeks you start taking Evening Primrose oil, 1000 mg orally in the morning and 1000 mg inserted vaginally at bedtime. Evening Primrose oil contains natural postaglandins and helps your cervix ripen for labour.

momto9 said...

Love it! Sent it to hubby immediately:) Totally my house today!

Motherhen said...

We have a few chickens that seem to enjoy the "kidhandling" they get. Yay for Juliet getting in position for the big day!

Unknown said...

So glad she turned!!!