Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Four Foot Tornadoes Loose in My House

I did a clean sweep through the house a few months ago and looooved the result.  However, I've learned that my kids can make a mess with anything.  ANYTHING.  I told my husband we are doing another sweep and getting rid of more.  I didn't even know it was possible but it is.  My girls can easily fit all their toys in one bin in their bedroom but when I go in there, I see toys mixed in with clothes all over the floor.  Then I'm wondering if they were just trying on clothes and now it's mixed in with dirty clothes.  I end up just putting them in the hamper and I really dislike wasting my time washing already clean clothes.  Argh.  Also, I've been mopping much more than I've ever had to.  I've always dreamed up owning one of those Scuba floor cleaners and also the Roombas.  Where is a product review when I need one?  I would love to just go to bed at night and let those things go at it cleaning my floor.  If one pops on Groupon I'm snatching it like a crazy mad lady.  I save so much money using Groupon it's crazy.  It's actually made going out with my large family more affordable because I save anywhere from 50-90%.

Last night I went to a baby shower and got the cutest little church outfit for my friend's son. It's her second baby.  She has a boy and girl.  :)  Some people were asking me if I wanted a baby shower for Juliet but I said no because I should have clothes from the girls already.  Not only that but having all these people come just for me seems really scary.  I'm done it 10 times already and I should already have the stuff I need.  I think.  I'm gonna look in the attic these week and see what I have.  

I was having a talk (me on the left) with some first time moms in the other room and it looks like we were having a really serious conversation.  LOL. We weren't though.  We were just telling stories of what it was like having a baby the first time around and laughing at things we had to learn from.  It's always so fun getting together with the girls from church and just hanging out.


Bonnie said...

I feel your pain--even if I only have two 3.5 foot tornados. Between them and the 6 ft one that live here I have trouble keeping up. Love the baby suit! My Mom always sends one for Ian to wear for Easter. This year his is grey with a pink shirt--so cute!

Angie said...

Girl, let them give you a shower. You will need diapers, wipes, and nursing pads. Every baby is a celebration whether it be #1 or #20. Just my 2 cents worth.

Virginia Revoir said...

I know, Angie, I should. I should just ask my mom if it can be small family only rather than women from the church. I'm super shy about it. I don't know why. Plus, some people look down on giving a shower after you have so many kids. I've heard lots of comments from people about it.