Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Taking a Trip Out of Town

Last weekend I took 3 of the kids out of town with me so we could visit some friends.  It's a much smaller town but more trees so we were excited to go.  Melanee has a gorgeous house and I got lost a few times just trying to find my way around.  LOL.  Melanee's son has Aspergers Syndrome just like my oldest son so we like to find ways to get them together and visit.  Dexter and Chaz are best friends and missing living close to each other.

I love kids just being kids, playing in the dirt, catching frogs.  Whatever.  :D  I love, love this picture of Melanee's daughter holding the frog.

My favorite thing was to sip coffee in the morning in front of these windows.  She lives on a hill so you can see for a long way.

This picture doesn't do justice for how long that rope really is and how far you swing out.  Ryan got me to climb the hill up to the tree swing to show me.  When you swing out, the hill goes down so you'd better not fall off.

Then we started crafts and Melanee showed the girls how to make silly putty but with glitter.  It was neat and sooo easy!  

Above: Ivy's friend Cassidy holding silly putty

We visited a nearby park before I had to come back and Ryan swung the girls on the tire swing.  We didn't get to be there long but it was awesome that we had that time together.  It was fun seeing how such a small town operates because there is pretty much one of everything.  It's actually a huge desire for me to live in a smaller town but close enough to the city to easily drive there.  We're definitely gonna visit in the summer for their family events.  

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