Monday, April 23, 2012

36 Weeks Pregnant and Counting Down

Wow, I'm 36 weeks pregnant.  In my sleep last I kept waking up to my stomach tightening and it really hurt.  It last about 8 hours and finally stopped.  That's crazy that it was doing it all during my sleep and a few hours into my morning.  I wasn't even working yet.  So my husband made me sit down on the couch for a long time and it was super, duper boring.  I really wanted to start my chores for the day but when I do, they start back up again.  Argh.

Now the girls are making scrambleggs.  It's neat seeing the variety of eggs.  We get eggs for our miniature chickens, regular chickens, and some from the store.  I really need to raise more chickens again so we can get more eggs every day.  So far we are getting about 3 eggs a day which is not nearly enough since it takes 2 dozen to make breakfast for everyone.  It is pretty awesome to just go out back to get an egg when needing one for a recipe.  :D

(Ivy in picture)  Anyway, I need to stop procrastinating and get my bags packed for the hospital.  I'm not planning on having a baby shower so I'll need to get stocked up on some stuff. The great thing about already having kids of both sexes is I can go in the attic and find things we need.  I'm sure I'll donate at least half of the stuff.  I only reuse what looks mostly new but it'll be fun to go through all the stuff with the girls.  I've never gone earlier than one week before my due date so I'm pretty sure at the earliest I'll have Juliet in 3 weeks. That is NOT very much time.
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