Friday, April 20, 2012

AIMS Testing Week Makes for a Messy Home

This has been a tough week of driving my kids all week to AIMS testing.  In between we are doing lots of errands since we have to wait around so other things have been suffering.  Especially my house.  It got me thinking and wondering about how these taxi moms do it.  Isn't that exhausting?  How do you take care of household duties?  I have lots and lots of catching up to do and laundry is piled up bad.  Just making dinner at night has to be hurried and rushed.  We do homeschool but since the school they go to once a week offers AIMS testing we decided to go ahead and let them take the test.  I want them to take it for me so I can see how they are progressing at home.  I don't care what the state thinks, it's just for us to know.  They also will be rewarded according to how their tests turn out so they are excited.  :D

There is only so much I can catch up on today because tonight 3 of our kids and I will be heading out of town to see some friends.  It's much more beautiful there so we are really looking forward to it.  Here we get some beauty (huge stretch there) but where we are going has soooo much more nature and green trees to explore!  Since it's a smaller town though I would miss everything I have here such has fun shops and parks.  It's frustrating how I can't just have it all.  Family is here though and that's what stops us from moving every time.  Well, that and we love our church.

My husband will still be here with 3 kids and he's gonna have a game day here with  some guys from church.  He gets to chill without his lady.  Ha!  :D  He's such a sweetie.  He keeps saying, "Stop working so hard, go lay down, you don't need to be doing so much, you need to take naps in the day, etc"  I told him to stop trying to make me lazy.  Trust me, my parents couldn't get me motivated as a teen.  Now that I'm a much harder worker, why reverse it?  He said I have too much work, about 4 jobs worth so it's okay if house is messy.  I tried to explain to him that although it's okay to have a lived in house, it has to be kept up and the house is a reflection of the woman and how she cares for it.  He's a sweetie though.  Thank goodness he's not a drill sargeant.  That would be hard to live with.


Chris H said...

I have to agree about the housework. If you don't keep up to date with it....before you know it the house is a huge mess!
I am always doing something as I walk through the house... even if its just picking up something on my way and putting it in it's righful place.
I hope you and the 3 kids have a lovely time away.

momto9 said...

wow he sounds amazingly good to you! So happy for you